Who can enjoy delicious Lizza?

There is something for everyone. We support all forms of nutrition - just try it.

Conscious Nutrition

Looking for something that's good for your body? A conscious diet ensures that your body gets all the nutrients it needs to get through the day. Lizza could be your perfect solution. Beyond the many advantages you get, here's why you should give it a go:

  • Suitable for an alkaline diet

  • Omega 3 - ALA to maintain a good cholesterol level*

  • No additives, no allergens

  • Great nutritional profile

We just reinvented your favorite food, like healthy pizza. Click your way through our products, we fit with every type of nutrition.

Weight Loss & Diet

Want to lose weight and get in shape? Lizza helps you reach your goal while enjoying your meals. Our products have a reduced carbohydrate content compared to conventional wheat products, are rich in protein and fiber, and incredibly easy to prepare. Lizza fits with many diets:

  • Weight Watchers, Body Change, Brigitte Diet 

  • Low Carb, Ketogen, Keto-Vegan, Paleo, etc.

  • Clean Eating, Interval Fasting, Logi Method, Glyx Diet, Atkins Diet, Fatburner Diet, Protein Diet and much more.

It's best to get advice from certified experts on your best type of nutrition, as everybody is unique and reacts differently.Every bite leaves you with a good conscience.

Sport & Fitness

The ideal nutrition for athletic people! Whether you're a beginner, advanced or full-on professional - you will love Lizza, I promise. Here's why every athlete should try the Lizza Pizza:

  • The best protein the body can absorb

  • Low in sugar and free from added sugar

  • All the dietary fiber you need to feel satiated for longer

  • For all fitness goals: structure, mass, definition, regeneration

Pizza that is simple and delicious for all athletes. Whether you eat it before or after doing sport - Lizza always fits.

Allergies & Food Intolerance

Allergies or food intolerance are very tedious to deal with for those affected and require discipline, renouncing on what you love and a lot of planning. With Lizza, you can finally enjoy your favorite food again. Lizza is free from all major allergens. No wheat - but the best of seeds. Here is a little insight on how "clean" we are:

  • Gluten-free - Certified

  • Lactose-free and egg-free - or better said: vegan
  • Products that are free from traces of nuts
  • No additives

  • Few bread units - perfect for diabetics

Want to know what's the best part? Finally eating with everyone without making exceptions. Bon Lizzappetit!

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