The founders: Marc and Matthias

Fun Facts about:

Matthias Kramer (left)

  • Originally from Donaueschingen in the Black Forest
  • Computer scientist
  • Financed his studies as a professional poker player and founded an online poker school together with a friend.
  • Changed his diet to low-carb after a sports injury and since then spends the few days off on the volleyball court at the beach (once again without pain). 
  • Can handle Excel like no other and regularly crashes Google Sheets with the most complex recipe formulas
  • Trained the next generation of "Main Paddlers" as a stand-up paddle teacher
  • Hasn't drunk a drop of coffee as of yet
  • Proud owner of a food dehydrator
  • As a teenager, he built a chain mail shirt out of 15,000 hand-rolled metal stitches

Marc Schlegel

  • from Flums, in the Canton St.Gallen (Switzerland)
  • Graduate business economist with a passion for graphics and design
  • Dominates (almost) all Swiss dialects
  • Founded a graphics and web design agency at the age of 14 together with a school friend.
  • Youngest NCO of the Swiss Army
  • Loves irony and sarcasm
  • Had a bet with his father to run a half marathon (without training) right after lunch on a sunny Sunday afternoon in under 2h. And won (1:56h).
  • Proud owner of a 2-circuit portafilter espresso machine
  • Donated a donkey and a bag of water to a family in Eritrea via the HSG-Assesment.
  • His bucket list features the (at least) development of a font (Typo) and the production of a song