Affiliate Program

The Lizza Affiliate Program

Do you have your own website and want to have Lizza as your advertising partner? Join our affiliate program. 

The Benefits:

  • Large selection of advertising material

  • 30 days cookie period

  • Fast application processing

  • Personal support

  • Attractive CPO model


How it works:


  1. Register with one of our affiliate networks. 
  2. Fill out the registration form for the Lizza affiliate program. 
  3. You can find our selection of advertising material on the affiliate network's website. 
  4. Choose your preferred advertising material and share the link's code on your page. 
  5. From then, you'll profit from every customer who clicks on your advertising banner and then places an order on our site!


Do you have any further questions or comments?

You can contact us anytime by writing to:


We look forward to building a successful partnership with you!