Fig and Goat Cheese Bread

  • Ingredients for 12 portions
  • 1 Lizza Low Carb Bread Baking Mix
  • 300 ml sparkling water
  • 1 goat cheese roll
  • ½ Fig
  • 2 tbsp curry hummus
  • red pepper flakes

To the baking mix


  1. Mix 250 g Lizza Low Carb Bread baking mixture with 300 ml of sparkling water and knead thoroughly. Form a loaf of bread and let it rest for 15 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile preheat the oven to 240° C top/bottom heat. Place the bread loaf on a greaseproof paper on an oven rack and bake for 15 minutes.
    Then reduce the temperature to 210° C and continue baking for another 50 minutes.
  3. Let the bread cool down completely and then cut it.
  1. Cut the goat cheese roll and the fig into slices.
  2. Add the curry hummus onto the bread slices.
  3. Then alternate between adding a slice of goat cheese and a slice of fig onto the bread until the bread slice is full. Add some red pepper on top.
  4. Bon Lizzappetite!

Tip: Try our bread with our Lizza Spreads such as the Pepper-Ginger and Tomato-Basil. Or if you like it a little bit richer try our Organic Pestos such as the Basil-Olive & Tomato-Cashew.