Sugar-Free Breakfast Tips & Healthy Recipes Without Sugar

Sugar-Free Breakfast Tips & Healthy Recipes Without Sugar

Who doesn’t love a delicious sweet dish to start the day? Do you prefer a fruity cereal, toast with a chocolate spread, or hearty porridge? The problem is, all of the breakfast staples we love are typically full of sugar. But they don’t have to be! There are sugar-free alternatives that will satisfy any sweet tooth. And we want to share them with you in this article.

Going sugar-free

Transitioning to a sugar-free diet is the goal for many health-conscious people. It’s well known that excess sugar is unhealthy. The World Health Organization recommends that free sugars should be reduced to less than 10% of our daily energy intake and it’s beneficial to reduce it to as low as 5% (1). For an average person that’s only 25g of sugar per day.

Free sugars are sugars added to foods during preparation. This could be refined sugar or syrups added by food manufacturers or honey used when cooking at home. Even fresh fruit juice belongs in this category because the sugar inside has been mechanically separated from the fibre that binds it inside whole fruits.

As you can see, this makes it really hard to avoid free sugar. Popular sweet breakfast options are loaded with it. Most of them will break the whole daily recommended sugar limit in one meal.

  • A bowl of sugary cereal with milk - 25g of sugar
  • 2 slices of bread with jam – 22g of sugar
  • A medium serving of pancakes with syrup – 30g of sugar
  • 2 toasts with chocolate spread – 35g of sugar

You can have sweetness with no added sugar

The good news is that you can enjoy sweet taste without any free sugars. There are two ways to do that.

You can add whole fruits and other naturally sweet ingredients like coconut flakes into your recipes. They still contain sugar that carries calories. People with diabetes have to be careful with this option. But it is a useful way to replace free sugars for most.

Another way to replace free sugars is with sugar-alcohols such as Erythritol. Erythritol has similar sweetness to sugar but it contains no calories and passes through the body undigested. It’s an option worth considering even for those with diabetes. You can read more about it in our blog post about different types of carbohydrates.

How to enjoy a breakfast without sugar?

All of the meals and recipes we recommend in this article contain only naturally occurring sugar from fruits or sweeteners such as Erythritol. We used no added free sugar. We want to prove that enjoying porridge, muesli, jam, or pancakes is possible even when you’re health-conscious. Here is a selection of our favourite sugar-free breakfast ideas and recipes.

Sugar-free porridge

This delicious porridge is made with our low carb muesli and contains no added sugar. The sweet flavour comes from almond milk, vanilla extract and the lovely fresh berries on top. If you follow this recipe, you will get only 6g of naturally occurring sugar per portion.

Sugar free porridge with muesli and berries

Bread rolls with raspberry jam

The trick to making this yummy breakfast sugar-free is our low sugar raspberry fruit spread that contains 88% less sugar than conventional fruit jam. It goes so well with our low carb bread, especially when it’s fresh out of the oven and crunchy. One portion contains only around 3g of naturally occurring sugar.

Low sugar bread rolls with raspberry jam

Muesli with milk

Another popular sweet breakfast is muesli with milk. Try our low sugar red berry muesli with soy milk or yogurt and enjoy a simple and quick sugar-free meal. A typical bowl will have less than 8g of naturally occurring sugar.

Low sugar muesli with milk

Toast with cheese & peach slices

Fresh fruit is always a great way to enjoy something sweet while staying away from added sugar. Balance it out with some cheese and our low carb toast squares for enough protein and fibre and your breakfast is done. One portion of our recipe contains less than 9g of naturally occurring sugar.

Toast with cheese & peach slices

Lemon poppy seed clafoutis

If you never had clafoutis, you have to try this French classic! You can think of it as an oven-baked pancake with pieces of fruit. Follow our recipe to enjoy this sweet breakfast with only 6g of naturally occurring sugar per portion.

Low sugar lemon poppy seed clafoutis

Bread with a chocolate spread

Our chocolate spread uses Erythritol instead of white sugar which means it contains only 1,6g of sugar per 100g. Try it on a warm, freshly baked bread and you won’t believe how tasty a sugar-free diet can be.

Bread with a low sugar chocolate spread

Start your day right

You can see that a sugar-free breakfast doesn’t have to be boring or savoury-only. You can go beyond sausage and eggs. Try including a sweet breakfast regularly and you will feel much more comfortable in your sugar-free lifestyle. If you start the day with a sugar-free breakfast it will be much easier to continue eating without sugar for the rest of the day.