HappyNewYou Challenge – Week 4

HappyNewYou Challenge – Week 4

The fourth and final week of our #HappyNewYou challenge has arrived. We have 5 new mini challenges for you as always. Let’s get to work on your happy body & mind. Will you manage to check all five boxes in this hardest week?

You made it all the way to the last week of our 30-day challenge, congrats! Keep up the good work, you’re almost at the finish line.

HappyNewYou challenge week 4 checklist

You can download a checklist as a printable PDF here to keep track of your progress if you haven’t already.

#1 Walk 10,000 steps in one day

Let’s make it a nice round number this week. Walking a lot is your second nature now so 10,000 steps won’t feel that much harder. You can try taking phone calls while walking to get a few more steps in. It’s also nice to listen to an audiobook while taking a walk. You don’t have to keep increasing your step count further after finishing this challenge. Just make sure to continue with the habit of walking a lot.

#2 Enjoy listening to music for 60 minutes

We went through reading, playing games, and relaxing in a bath in past challenges. This makes listening to music the perfect addition as an activity that makes almost everyone feel happier. This challenge is about intentional listening to music. Don’t just play something in the background as you continue to do other stuff, that doesn’t count. Carefully select one of your favourite albums and fully enjoy it. Or you can make a little radio show for yourself. You can select artists from a certain musical era or from a specific time in your life. Make it exciting and something you will look forward to. Regularly including activities you can look forward to will make your life happier for sure.

#3 Complete one day of happy eating

We have some new and exciting recipes for you to try in this new meal plan. This will be your fourth day of happy eating. You know how to plan and prepare to not miss a single meal by now. Practice it one more time.

Breakfast – Lizza Muesli with milk

Breakfast will be very easy to make this time. If you enjoyed Lizza Muesli with yogurt then you will love it with milk too. You can use soy milk to enjoy a vegan alternative to this high protein and high fibre meal.

Lizza Muesli with milk recipe

Lunch – Pizza with goat cheese

For lunch, try our Pizza with goat cheese recipe. You can use Lizza Tomato Sauce to make it quicker and easier. Don’t forget to swap goat cheese for a vegan cheese if you’re eating vegan. And if you enjoy desserts, you can add low carb Lizza Brownies, Lizza Carrot Cake Muffins, or Lizza Mug Cakes.

Pizza with goat cheese recipe

Snack - Lizza Strawberry-Avocado Salsa

Enjoy the rich avocado flavour with strawberries in this simple and tasty snack recipe. It only takes 15 minutes to make!

Lizza Strawberry-Avocado Salsa recipe

Dinner – Lizza vegetable tian with white bean puree

We planned a Lizza vegetable tian with white bean puree recipe for your dinner. This is another meal that looks really great. You have two new party-food ideas from this week’s meal plan!

Lizza vegetable tian with white bean puree recipe

All of the recipes in this meal plan are based around products from our starter bundle. Get yours now if you haven’t already and start planning your day of happy eating.

#4 Do 2x30 minutes of intense exercise

Last week we introduced two intense sessions. The challenge for this week is to make them both 30 minutes long. You can choose any exercises you prefer or use the ones we recommended. Just make sure you’re breathing hard and your heart rate is up for the whole time.

Of course, you can keep increasing the number of sessions and the duration going forward. Maybe we can push that together with another challenge in the future. But the most important message of this challenge is this.

  • Keep exercising regularly.
  • Always use Monday as your next starting point if you go off track.

Walking 10,000 steps every day and completing 2x30 minutes of intense exercise each week is a great foundation for health. Keep that up over months and years and you will feel the difference!

#5 Write down 3 things you are grateful for before going to sleep

Going to bed anxious, stressed, or with a lot on your mind is not good for the quality of your sleep. This challenge will introduce you to a practice that helps bring your mind to a happier place in the evening. If you intentionally think about what you’re grateful for and make the effort to write it down your emotions will change. These can be big things like health, having a loving partner or supportive friends but it can also be small stuff like the smell of flowers, sunshine, or a tasty meal you successfully cooked for yourself.

Keep going!

This might be the end of our 30-day challenge but it’s just the beginning for the happy new you! Continue with your new habits and focus on those where you saw most improvement, those will bring you the most happiness. If you enjoyed our happy eating challenges and want to stick with that way of eating then check our previous blog post for tips on how to stay consistent. And keep an eye on our blog and social media. There’s more motivation and inspiration coming. We are in this together!