HappyNewYou Challenge – Week 3

HappyNewYou Challenge – Week 3

Here comes the third week of our #HappyNewYou challenge. We have 5 new mini challenges for you as always to get you to a happy body & mind. We hope your progress is steady and you’re looking forward to another small increase in difficulty.

The third week is very important. Your initial excitement about a new challenge is starting to fade but your new habits are only beginning to take root. You can’t let up now! Get into this week’s mini challenges with new energy.

HappyNewYou challenge week 3 checklist

You can download a checklist as a printable PDF here to keep track of your progress if you haven’t already.

#1 Walk 9,000 steps in one day

Are you getting addicted to reaching the target step count? When you start tracking your steps it can easily become something you enjoy and get competitive about. That’s great! Let’s add another 1,000 steps this week to push you a bit more. Try meeting a friend for a walk instead of sitting down for a coffee. Walking meetups are a great way to getting in some steps while socializing and breathing fresh air.

#2 Take a long recovery bath or sauna

This challenge should remind you that it’s important to find time for yourself. Activities that engage your senses and bring you pleasure are important for a happy mind. And this one will help your body feel a bit happier too. Make sure to schedule it intentionally so you have time to fully enjoy it.

#3 Complete one day of happy eating

Here is another meal plan full of nutritious dishes that taste great. Make sure to plan in advance and complete a full day of happy eating.

Breakfast – Lizza Bread with a vegetable spread and avocado

You know how to make Lizza bread now. The great thing about having a protein rich bread is that you don’t have to worry about an additional protein source for your breakfast. You can simply use your favourite vegetable spread, add a few slices of avocado and have a really tasty start to the day that’s also nutritious.

Lizza Bread with a vegetable spread and avocado recipe

Lunch - Vegan Burger

For lunch, follow the recipe for our vegan burger. Maybe you had one in a restaurant and wondered if you can make it yourself? Give it a try! As always, you can add a low carb dessert like Lizza Brownies, Lizza Carrot Cake Muffins, or Lizza Mug Cakes to sweeten your day.

Vegan Burger recipe

Snack – Lizza Muesli bars with pumpkin seeds

You will love this snack! Check out our recipe that makes 10 low carb protein-rich muesli bars. They are quick to make, super tasty, and you can enjoy them for days to come.

Lizza Muesli bars with pumpkin seeds recipe

Dinner – Lizza Pizza with greens

It’s pizza time for dinner! Check out our recipe for Lizza Pizza with greens. Eating right doesn’t have to be boring. If you can enjoy a nutritious diet, you’re doing it right - eating happy!

Lizza Pizza with greens recipe

All of the recipes in this meal plan are based around products from our starter bundle. Get yours now if you haven’t already and start planning your day of happy eating.

#4 Do 2x20 minutes of intense exercise

Let’s add a second session of intense exercise this time around! Having two days where you push yourself and flood your body with those happy endorphins is going to do wonders. Let’s go back to 20 minutes per session and make sure there’s at least one rest day without intense exercise in between them. That could also be a good opportunity to do your recovery bath.

  • Monday: 20 minutes of burpees
  • Tuesday: Recovery bath or sauna
  • Thursday: 20-minute run

This is just an example, feel free to plan these into your week as you prefer. It also helps to do different activities in each session to engage more muscle groups. You can check back to previous weeks if you want to recap some tips.

#5 Spend 10 minutes outdoors in the morning light after waking up

Last week we learned how important it is to limit blue light in the evening. This week’s challenge is focused on the opposite end of your sleep cycle - getting blue light in the morning. One of the best ways to reset your circadian rhythm and improve sleep quality is to send your body a strong wake-up signal in the morning. You can take your dog for a walk, go buy some fresh produce for breakfast, or even exercise outdoors first thing in the morning. The goal is to expose your eyes to the bright morning sunlight at least for 10 minutes. This will make going to bed earlier easy.

Good luck with your new challenges in this very important third week! Check all five challenges in your printable checklist by the end of this week because the final week of our challenges is starting next Monday in week 4 of HappyNewYou.