How to Enjoy Low Carb in Autumn

How to Enjoy Low Carb in Autumn

The season of long days and fresh summer salads is behind us. Let’s welcome autumn with some hearty low carb meals. Learn recipes that will inspire you to use flavourful seasonal ingredients. It’s the best time to bring comfort and joy to your diet and make sure you stay on track.

Keep your dietary habits going strong in a new season

It’s important to reinforce good habits with a change of season. The colder weather and less sunshine make everyone crave comfort foods. That can be a trigger to go off the rails. One thing that helps prevent that is sufficient fibre intake.

Leeks are a great autumn ingredient! You can combine them with mushrooms to make a truly hearty meal full of fibre. This recipe shows our favourite way to enjoy leeks and mushrooms. It’s easy to fall in love with this yummy combo.

Low carb leek pizza recipe

Let seasonal ingredients be your muse

We all get stuck not knowing what to make for dinner sometimes. The best solution is to visit a farmer’s market and see what’s on offer. Local and seasonal ingredients are guaranteed to be rich in vitamins and overflowing with flavour. That’s how you spice your meals up and get excited about a new season.

The vivid orange colour of pumpkin is synonymous with autumn. It’s naturally rich in vitamin A and several antioxidants. It’s a starchy plant that can be hard to fit in your low carb diet. That’s why we created a pumpkin recipe that should get you under 30 g of carbs per serving.

Low carb pasta with pumpkin pesto recipe

Keep moving

Your whole lifestyle matters, not just food. Exercise plays an important role in that. It doesn’t matter what your favourite sport is or if you simply like to take long walks. Moving around is good for your overall fitness, quality of sleep, and even your mood.

Try something new after your workout, run, or yoga class. Apples are a wonderful autumn ingredient and we found a way to enjoy it on the low carb diet. Give it a go with our recipe.

Low carb baked apple pasta recipe

Focus on the pleasure of eating

People who love their diet have one thing in common. They regularly plan meals that make them happy. It’s the most reliable way to create a sustainable diet. There are many ways to make that happen in autumn.

For example, cauliflower is the perfect autumn low carb ingredient. It’s very low in carbs, rich in fibre, and overflowing with vitamins your body needs. Here is a quick way to make cauliflower so delicious you will keep coming back to it.

BBQ style low carb pizza recipe