14 Delicious Summer Low Carb Recipes

14 Delicious Summer Low Carb Recipes

Summer is filled with special occasions and reasons to celebrate with friends and family. The lovely warm weather makes it easy to plan picnics, BBQs, and evening gatherings. Can you handle all of them while staying low carb? Of course you can! We want to share a few of our favourite recipes that will make it easy and fun.

Easy summer BBQ & grilling

When you think of a BBQ you expect certain types of foods to be there like burgers, grilled bread, or a pasta salad on the side. This can be a problem on the low carb diet because all of those dishes are typically based on wheat products that are rich in carbs.

Our recipes use alternatives made with flaxseed. That ensures the dishes are very low in carbs and you can make them any way you like. You can enjoy all the summer BBQ classics on the low carb diet.

Grilled cheese sandwich

Everyone will love a crunchy sandwich filled with fresh summer vegetables, herbs, and a melted piece of cheese. All you need is a low carb toast and you’re good to go.

Keto grilled cheese sandwich recipe

Low carb vegan burger

You can’t have a BBQ without burgers! With our recipe you will be able to serve anyone, whether they are vegetarian, vegan, keto, or low carb.

Low carb vegan burger recipe

BBQ garlic bread

Garlic bread is another popular grilling season treat that should be a part of your BBQ. Try this bread with a bit of pesto on top.

BBQ garlic bread recipe

Mediterranean pasta salad

With our low carb pasta you can enjoy this refreshing side dish that goes so well with a BBQ. Try it with some fresh seasonal arugula and basil.

Mediterranean pasta salad recipe

Outdoor summer picnic

Make the most out of the great summer weather and pack a portable picnic to enjoy on the beach, at a lake, or your backyard. Here are a few low carb recipes that are easy to prepare, simple to pack, and convenient to carry.

Toast squares with cheese & peach slices

Summer is the best time to include a small piece of fruit in your low carb diet. Why not enjoy it with some cheese on a toast. Check out our previous post that includes a list of low carb fruits to find the one that fits into your daily carbohydrate budget.

Toast squares with cheese & peach slices recipe

Bread with figs and goat cheese

The combination of cheese and fruit is so yummy that we needed to include it twice. It will make your picnic that much juicier.

Bread with figs and goat cheese recipe

Low carb summer Buddha Bowl

A Buddha Bowl is the perfect way to include all kinds of summer vegetables like beetroot, zucchini, red peppers, carrots, or lettuce into one meal. And it’s easy to pack and transport outdoors.

Low carb summer Buddha Bowl recipe

Toast with grilled vegetables

If you take a bit more time to grill those summer vegetables like eggplant, zucchini, and bell peppers, you can make a delicious sandwich. Don’t forget to add a delicious spread.

Toast with grilled vegetables recipe

Light summer desserts

Refreshing fruit-infused desserts are synonymous with summer. They are typically loaded with sugar which is not great on any diet. That’s why we have three low carb and low sugar alternatives for you.

Lemon poppy seed clafoutis

This baked French dessert is a delicious way to make use of seasonal fruit such as cherries. You can enjoy this low carb variation with any fruit you like.

Lemon poppy seed clafoutis recipe

Low carb cinnamon rolls

Try this low sugar alternative to cinnamon rolls that’s sweetened with Erythritol instead of white sugar. Just be warned, you might enjoy it so much you will end up making it year-round.

Low carb cinnamon rolls recipe

Baked apple pasta

Our baked apple pasta recipe is a unique looking dessert that is quite easy to make. It’s a great low carb snack for every sweet tooth.

Baked apple pasta recipe

Evening summer party

Summer is a season for spending some quality time with your friends. What could be better than sharing a pizza or delicious finger food on a warm summer evening. Here are our favourite low carb recipes that are sure to impress your guests.

Low carb pizza with vegan bacon

With low carb pizza bases you can make any pizza you prefer for your summer party. If you’re looking for inspiration, try surprising your friends with some innovative toppings. This vegan bacon looks really cool.

Low carb pizza with vegan bacon recipe

Zucchini pasta boats

No more boring zucchini pasta salads. You can be more creative! Try these zucchini pasta boats to get everyone enjoying this delicious summer vegetable.

Zucchini pasta boats recipe

Vegetable tian with white bean puree

This colourful recipe looks amazing on any party table. It fits well in a more liberal low carb diet because it includes beans.

Vegetable tian with white bean puree recipe

We hope you try some of our recipes this summer. A healthy diet rich in vegetables and low in sugar doesn’t have to be boring and bland. Show yourself and your close ones how attractive and delicious better eating can be.