Cauliflower or Flaxseed - Which Low Carb Pizza is Better for You?

Cauliflower or Flaxseed - Which Low Carb Pizza is Better for You?

Are you looking for the best low carb or keto pizza? Can’t decide if golden flaxseed or cauliflower is a better ingredient for the crust? Let’s take a look at the benefits and issues with both to see which one suits your needs better.

All the things you love about pizza but better

Flaxseed and cauliflower are both popular low carb and keto ingredients. They contain almost no sugar and starch and they can replace wheat in the pizza crust. So, it doesn’t matter if you are using the low carb diet for weight loss, diabetes, or fitness, you can fit in pizza with these ingredients! They give pizza all the attributes you wished for.

  • Crunchy and crispy
  • Delicious and comforting
  • Low carb
  • Gluten free
  • Low in calories

Flaxseed pizza is always ready in your pantry

The main difference between cauliflower and flaxseed pizza dough is the convenience. With cauliflower you have two options – making it yourself or buying frozen. Unfortunately, both have issues.

  • Do you want to make it from scratch? Get ready to do a lot of cleaning, cutting, grating, steaming, draining, and mixing. It can take hours of prep time.
  • Are you buying it frozen? Take a closer look at the label. The ingredient list is often a disaster! Also, if something goes wrong during transport you have a melted, spoiled pizza delivered to your home, what could be sadder.

You can buy flaxseed pizza crust ready for baking. The Lizza thin & crispy pizza base will last in your pantry for 70 days! And the only ingredients are golden flaxseed flour, soy flour, water, psyllium husk powder, and sea salt - all 100% organic. No suspicious additives!

Flaxseed vs cauliflower low carb pizza comparison nutrition

Which one is quicker to bake?

  • Cauliflower pizza made from scratch takes 30-35 minutes of baking.
  • Frozen cauliflower pizza takes around 10 minutes to bake. But first you have to thaw it first, then bake naked, let it cool, add toppings after, and bake again.
  • Golden flaxseed pizza takes 10 minutes to bake. You can bake it with toppings already on it.

Cauliflower pizza isn’t dairy-free or vegan

If you want a delicious crunchy pizza crust then you have to combine cauliflower with eggs and cheese. That’s because cauliflower doesn’t bind well with other ingredients. Golden flax seeds are the opposite. They are often used to replace eggs in vegan recipes because they create a gel that helps with binding. Flaxseed pizza dough is lactose free, dairy free, and vegan.

Which one is more nutritious?

Frozen cauliflower pizza often contains ultra-processed ingredients like sugar, starch, or refined oils. These don’t belong to a healthy diet. They might even make it unsuitable for the low carb diet and keto. Cauliflower pizza bases that use cheese instead are a lot better. Those are still very low in fibre and medium in protein at best.

Flax seeds don’t need help from any ultra-processed ingredients so the pizza crust is better suited for a healthy diet. Flaxseed pizza base also contains a lot of fibre and a lot of protein which helps keep hunger away. If that wasn’t enough, Flaxseed is a great source of beneficial omega-3 fats too.